Q: How do I read the completed books?

A: It's different to Patreon, on this you can click the image of the book you want to read and your phone should offer to open it in either word or PDF.  If this doesn't work, please email me here. If you are tier 2/3, you still click into the tier 1 area to see the completed stories. 

Q: Why are the PDF's not named with the book title?

A: This is frustrating for me, but it's something Wix are hopefully going to change in the future, I can't override it unfortunately, but you can rename it yourself if you want to try do it yourself, for example on Android, my husband managed to rename the file by locating the file in his downloads and then pressed and held the file until 'More' came up as an option which lets you rename it and save it to your home screen. 

I will update more as people feedback as to how to use this! 

Q: Why are you on here as well as Patreon? It's annoying having two platforms to read on. I only want to pay for one! 

A: Absolutely! I understand. The problem is on Patreon my work is sometimes censored despite the paying Patrons wanting to read it. I don't like writing 'clean' versions of my work, so I am doing this so people can read without me being censored. For now, I am leaving Patreon and this open so you can choose which platform you prefer. If I have to, I will leave both open and continue to update both until Patreon censor my work further. 

Q: Is there an app for this?

A: Unfortunately not. It would mean paying for a designer to make me an app then pay monthly to keep it maintained and running which I simply can't afford right now. However you can save/bookmark this website to your home page and then it takes you straight to the website! 

Q: Which supports you better as an author? Patreon or here?

A: I believe I pay less fees here, but only time will tell. Thanks!

Q: How do I change my tier? 

A: Okay, what you'd do is cancel your existing subscription and buy the tier you want. It's actually much simpler than the Patreon process. Make sure you cancel though, otherwise you will have all three tiers or something!