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Olivia thought she had it all.

A loving boyfriend, a stable relationship... until a mysterious stranger named Easton arrives at her door in the dead of night, throwing her perfect world into disarray.

As Easton reveals a truth that rocks Olivia to her core, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to his charm and the promise of freedom. But as Olivia begins to question everything she knows, she discovers secrets that change the course of her life forever.

"Dark & Addicting!" - Inkitt reviewer

Only available on Kindle Unlimited for ebook!

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New Release!


Hard Game

In the seedy underbelly of the city, where danger lurks around every corner, a forbidden love blossoms amidst a backdrop of crime and betrayal. Detective Lauren Diess, dedicated to upholding justice, finds herself entangled with Maddox Moreno, a charismatic but enigmatic figure with ties to a dangerous trafficking gang.

Lauren has her own agenda for becoming a detective: finding her missing sister, and Maddox may just know something about that...If only he could convince Lauren to trust him.

But the trafficking gang is back, and bodies are piling up. They're running out of time to nail the gang, but then the unthinkable happens, and their world is thrown into chaos...

Only available on Kindle Unlimited for ebook!

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I shouldn’t have let my stepbrother blackmail me.

Now look at us.



I couldn’t believe it when my mom married Wolfe Knight’s dad. He’s the school bully, and he’s my best friends ex. He destroyed her, and I can’t stand him. But then he discovers a secret of mine, and I’m at his mercy.

He’s brutal.

Yet beautiful.

He’s my stepbrother.



I have no time for women unless they’re doing something for me. Even then I’m bored. So when Nicole Harrington moves into my world, I decide to make her life hell. Her dirty little secret gives me ammunition to control her in as many ways as I can, and I intend to.

Only available on Kindle Unlimited for ebook!

  • Amazon Kindle
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"Couldn’t put this book down not once. This is the first read by this author and after reading this book 100% won’t be my last."

- Amazon Reviewer 2022


"Linzvonc starts this story off with a bang and keeps you riveted with each and every word. With complex characters and compelling dialogue, this story has it all plot twists, heat, peril, love, romance, and family. Jax's adoration and passion for Jolie and his family is inspired. This beautiful love story leaves you feeling sated, warm, and fuzzy! Another absolute gem!"

- Amazon Reviewer 2022

"Such an incredible book! From and even more incredible author. She makes you feel everything they are experiencing and you can’t help but fall in love with the characters"

- Amazon Reviewer 2020



Linzvonc is a bestselling author of steamy romance and loves creating new content for her amazing readers. ​

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